Chainstitch Hemming - Alteration service

Union Special - 43200G 'Chainstitch Hemming service' 

A new pair of dry denim is mostly sold in only two or three length variations. If you're looking to shorten the length of your jeans and you want to maintain the original chainstitched hem, you can send them over to us!

We're proud to have a Union Special 43200G chainstitch machine, which creates the original ‘roping effect’ on the hem. The roping effect is created by 3/8-inch folding attachment and the feeder. The fabric enters into the machine at a different speed to the folding of the fabric. Due to the way the fabric and thread communicate there is a little twist in the folding process that creates the most authentic hemming look.

Every pair of jeans we hem for you will be to the exact length you specify. We will be sure to keep everything on brand and for the original thread colour to match as much as possible. If you prefer a custom thread colour please add the specifications to your order form or email. Everything is possible, even indigo dyed yarn. These yarns will mature nicely and fade over time!

We are proud to share Dutch Denim Repair is official partner with Benzak Denim Developers. This gives us the opportunity to offer you the chainstitch hemming service with the original yarns used for the production of these jeans. Visit the site or contact us for a hemming service for you pair. 

If you're wondering how to measure the exact length, check the instruction video below, or download the pdf to help you fill in the right lengths. I'll add a 6/8 inch (or 19mm) to create the hem. 

Tapering service

We can adjust your denim to your fit, or you just want to have a more tapered fit with a smaller hem, we can taper them for you. If you're scared the local repairshop will cut away that precious selvedge or if your ending up with a very large/fat selvedge? No problem, all tapering will be done from the inseam to preserve the nice details!

Every inseam is possible to reconstruct from a flat felled seam to an overlock seam. And we work with the original industrial sewing machines, used for constructing denim. 


Please fill in the .pdf to make your jeans nicely tapered and in the perfect shape or if you're looking to get that sneaker small leg-opening.

Repair + Alterations-form
Please add to your repair and fill in the details
Repairform.pdf (648.96KB)
Repair + Alterations-form
Please add to your repair and fill in the details
Repairform.pdf (648.96KB)

*Every tapering comes with a new chainstitch hem.

How to measure: 

It's easy to measure the preferred width of the legs, by laying the jeans flat and measure them like the pictures below. Please fill in the lenghts in the repairform. Tip: Compare the width with your favourite pair and take over the measurements to make it to your needs. Note: the size of the knee is 35cm below the thigh. 


Besides repairing, hemming and tapering. We are proud to share that we can do more alterations. Take a look at the photo's of previous work, such as: Pocket replacements, replacing hardware or other custom options.



The pricing list is based on the time that is needed for me to alter a pair, the machine maintenance and the equipment such as sewing thread and needles.






Chainstitch Hemming service - Union Special 43200G*

Chainstitch Hemming service - Union Special 43200G* (18 oz. and up)





Tapering (from the inseam) + Chainstitch Hem


Pocket replacement (includes both pockets)

Hardware (rivets, buttons)



from €14,95




*Please send us a mail or leave a comment at the checkout with your preferred inseam length (in cm or inch) and thread color

(Returning costs will be free for The Netherlands for all repairs above €100,-)



When choosing the chainstitch hemming- or the tapering service please note the following:

- Please be clear when filling the form, a message will be send if it needs more specifications

- It is impossible to undo the process of tapering or a cut off hem

- No refund possible after the tapering- or chainstitch hemming service is done

- It is always possible to decline a pair for alterations or for the chainstitch hemming service

- Stretch denim will not be accepted for any alterations or hemming service